# Developers

These documentation provides how you can use Kursaha sdk's to seamlessly connect to your system.

// build.gradle
dependencies {
    // https://mavenlibs.com/maven/dependency/com.kursaha/java-sdk
    implementation 'com.kursaha:java-sdk:0.0.16'
  // package.json
  "dependencies": {
    "kursaha-sdk": "^1.0.8",
go get github.com/kursaha/go-sdk

Add these headers

  1. Content-Type : You must set the content-type header to 'application/json'. Key-pair will look like Content-Type: application/json.
  2. Authorization : You must set the Authorization header to 'Bearer Your-Api-Key'. Key-pair will look like Authorization: Bearer Your-Api-Key.