# Campaign GPT

Campaign GPT is an advanced AI system designed to identify and target users with similar characteristics and behaviors according to your specified criteria. It leverages powerful machine learning algorithms to analyze user data and discover patterns that can guide your marketing efforts. By understanding user similarities, Campaign GPT enhances your ability to tailor campaigns for more effective customer engagement, making it a valuable tool for businesses seeking to optimize their marketing strategies and reach their target audience with precision.

# How to use Campaign GPT

  1. Access Campaign GPT by navigating to the 'Segment' section and selecting 'Create New Segment,' then choose 'Campaign GPT.'
  2. Specify the required fields. For instance, if you aim to target customers engaged with the brand Something in the category electronics, sub-category smartphone, and products priced around 1000, your page should resemble the provided image.

Sample Campaign GPT
Sample Campaign GPT

  1. Assign an appropriate name and save your Campaign GPT by clicking the Save button. Then, select the three dots and choose process Campaign GPT to execute it.